El Mimo

Between tomorrow and today there is a bridge across forever...

08 agosto 2005

My world is much more fucked up than that bullshit on T.V.

You're cautious, a bit paranoid. You left the scene for the suburban married life, but somehow, touble seems to follow you and piss on your mornings. You are quick to share your point of view, but have no problems with giving in to the requests of wives and wolves.

Pos vale.

Leyendo blogs por ahí uno es capaz de descubrir muchas cosas. En este caso, leyendo el de The Thief he descubierto el siguiente link uqe nos lleva a saber a través de una encuesta bastante divertida qué personaje de Pulp Fiction somos. Pos a mí me ha tocado Jimmy, quçe se le va a hacer. A ver quiénes sois vosotros.